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Managed Inventory

Increase Productivity & Profits with Managed Inventory


The Urban Farmer Store can manage both your stockroom irrigation inventory and your jobsite trailer irrigation inventory so your business can run at peak efficiency. With managed inventory, we automatically restock for you, to be sure you have easy access to what you need.

The Benefits are Powerful

Save Time: No wasted time driving to get parts.

Save Labor: No technician time lost due to parts shortages.

Be More Efficient: We label and organize your inventory for convenient picking.

Customized to Your Needs: Program can be tailored to all items or your most popular.

Here’s How it Works

  1. We help you determine the irrigation inventory stocking levels you need, whether that be in your stockroom or in a jobsite trailer.
  2. If you need assistance, we can help set up labeled bins for your stockroom or trailer.
  3. Your crews use the inventory as necessary as they fulfill your jobs. Your crews can pull from the stockroom as they load up each morning, or your onsite crew can pull from a jobsite trailer as the project unfolds. Either way, your staff avoids expensive trips to pick up supplies and increases their productivity.
  4. On a regular basis (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly), one of our field reps will come by to determine inventory quantities to return your stock back to desired inventory levels and, within 24 hours, we will deliver and stock the newly requested inventory.

Once we get up and running with you, your only requirement is to sign our delivery receipt when the replenished inventory arrives on site.

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