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When Precision Matters-The Urban Farmer Store Delivers Museum-Quality Landscape Lighting

It is astonishing to consider that when the curators at the de Young Museum in San Francisco created the Cult of the Machine exhibition they could only achieve the precision lighting effects they wanted by using accent lights from WAC Landscape Lighting and The Urban Farmer Store.

The lighting challenge at the museum was to “paint with light” beautiful, crisp shadows and full-range gradients on one side of the scrim to create an original cubist composition.

To cast these shadows resembling skyscrapers, factories, and smokestacks, the curators carefully arranged decorative and functional objects on the other side of the scrim.

These beautiful objects tied together several of the themes featured in this blockbuster exhibition. On-board precision beam spread and brightness controls enabled the curators to light the objects accurately, showing every minute detail within the shadows and highlights without hot-spots.

The pure white color temperature of the the WAC 3000k Accent Light renders all of the subtle colors and textures with precision.  LEDs emit no UV component that could damage the painted surfaces of the objects.

It’s interesting to know that the museum world reached into the landscape designer’s toolbox for the precision lighting they required, and that you can specify and buy museum-quality precision lighting for your landscape compositions at any of our stores with professional discounts.  We make it easy to try-out WAC, FX Luminaire, and Brilliance LED Landscape lighting with our newly launched demo-kits–come into the store to find out more.

See CULT OF THE MACHINE Humans, Technology, and Change at the de Young until August 12, 2018.

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