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Drip Irrigation Resources

Introduction to Drip Irrigation

In this comprehensive guide brought to you by The Urban Farmer Store, learn everything you will need to know to design, purchase, and install a drip irrigation system tailored to your own garden. This guide is updated regularly and has been a pillar of our irrigation education for over 20 years.

Sprinkler to Drip Conversion

Drip irrigation is the most efficient method for watering much of your landscape and garden. Learn why and how to convert from sprinkler irrigation to drip irrigation in this one page primer.

Understanding Emitter Lines

Emitter lines have become a standard in drip irrigation. This one-pager provides a general product overview together with info on the broad selection of quality emitter line products available at The Urban Farmer Store.

Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Lawns

Subsurface drip irrigation has many advantages over sprinkler irrigation. Read on to learn what these advantages are as well as how to layout and install a subsurface drip irrigation system.

Container Watering Solutions

Watering containerized plants can be a chore. The Urban Farmer Store has all the products you need to create simple and reliable portable or permanent container watering systems. Read on for great ideas.

Netafim Techline EZ 12mm Dripline

Ideal for small and medium areas, Techline EZ is a simple drip irrigation solution for small sites. Netafim’s Tecline EZ 12mm dripline installs fast, saves water, and “disappears” into the landscape. Take advantage of this handy product selection guide.

Local Service, National Resources

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