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The Urban Farmer Store is an industry leader in specifying and fulfilling landscape lighting projects. We have been in the low-voltage outdoor lighting business since the beginning and our veteran team has over 200 years of combined experience designing and selling lighting systems. Let us put that experience to work for you!

It’s no secret, a well-lit landscape is welcoming and distinctive. Lighting expands nighttime activities outdoors and brings garden vistas indoors all year long. Let us help you reinvent the garden with highlighted shapes and textures, and with interesting plant shadows, patterns, and silhouettes; show only the best specimens and features.

We keep pace with the ever-evolving technology advancements and offer a broad product selection. Our lighting system designs and products leverage advances in LED technology to provide our customers with energy and maintenance savings, while making new lighting systems easier and less expensive to install and operate.

The Design Process

Lighting design starts with identifying the key landscape features to highlight after the sun goes down. If you or your client want to be inspired or need clarity regarding fixture choice or placement, start by borrowing one of our Lighting Demo Kits. There is no better way for you and your client to visualize outdoor lighting than to actually see it at work in the landscape.

With a scale diagram of the area ready for lighting and your notes from the demo, consult one of our lighting experts. We’ll review your fixture selections and locations, and make sure you didn’t overlook any key lighting opportunities (like decks, steps, walls, and water features). We’ll then size your transformer and review the lighting control options with you. In the end, you will have the complete list of materials (fixtures, transformer, controls, wire, connectors, etc.) to complete your installation.

For the self-initiated or for those that generally want to learn more about landscape lighting, we have also developed our Outdoor Lighting Technology & Product Application Guide for taking you through the design and installation process.

Help Us Help You

Basic designs can often be prepared while you wait. For best service and answers to all of your detailed questions, schedule a short appointment. (Contact your local Urban Farmer Store to set an appointment.)

Providing some or all of the following information for your irrigation design/layout accelerates the process and leads to better results:

  • Scale Drawing. We love graph paper, but have been known to crank out simple designs on the back of a paper bag. We also like to work on architect copies of the landscape plot plan. In general, the more complicated the landscape, the more exacting the drawing please.
  • Key Features to Highlight. Type of plant material and other landscape features worthy of accentuating
  • Power Source. Source of power (110 volts) for transformer installation

Additional Helpful Information

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