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Pipe & Fittings

As a leading stocking distributor serving the landscape industry and beyond, The Urban Farmer Store can meet your project needs across a wide variety of irrigation, drainage, utility, and industrial plastic needs. We carry a wide variety of pipe, fittings, valves, nipples, repair fittings, and many related specialty items.

Pipe & Fittings products we carry include:

PVC Schedule 40 White · PVC Schedule 80 Gray · PVC Schedule 40 Purple · PVC Sewer & Drain · Corrugated HDPE Drain · Copper · Brass Nipples & Fittings · Galvanized Nipples & Fittings · Blu-Lock · PVC Schedule 40 Electrical Gray

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Heritage Landscape Supply Group is the best network of independent landscape supply distributors in the US, united by a shared vision to provide exceptional customer service, to carry the best products from top manufacturers, and to help every customer grow their business.

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