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Sprinkler Irrigation Resources

Principles of Backflow Prevention

For both professionals and homeowners, this short overview of backflow prevention reviews technical concepts, safety information, and the types and applications of backflow devices.

Valve Troubleshooting (for automatic irrigation)

“Valve Troubleshooting” is one of our more popular classroom training modules. We pack our one-hour class into this one-page summary of valve troubleshooting methodology.

Irrigation Design Essentials; Getting Started

This popular one-page handout and accompanying graph paper provides an overview of the most important factors in designing your irrigation system and describes simple ways to gather accurate data. Read this handout and capture some basic information, then we can help you design a system tailored to your landscape or garden.

Pipe Sizing Chart

What size pipes do I need for my irrigation system? We have taken detailed charts and some technical concepts to create this simple chart as a handy reference for you.

City of San Francisco Landscape and Irrigation Requirements

The state of California passed the Water Conservation in Landscaping Act, requiring all communities to adopt efficiency requirements for new or modified landscapes. This short guide covers who needs to, and how to, comply with the City of San Francisco’s requirements.

Schedule 40 PVC Pipe Pressure Loss Chart

This technical chart is a helpful reference when designing irrigation systems with PVC Schedule 40 pipe in sizes of 1/2” through 2”.

Rain Sensors for Automatic Irrigation Systems

Have you seen your automatic sprinkler system operating when it is raining? You can avoid this outcome by simply installing a rain sensor. Learn how here.

Local Service, National Resources

Heritage Landscape Supply Group is the best network of independent landscape supply distributors in the US, united by a shared vision to provide exceptional customer service, to carry the best products from top manufacturers, and to help every customer grow their business.

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