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With decades of technical and practical irrigation expertise, our seasoned Urban Farmer Store team is ideally suited to help you with your irrigation design and layout. If you are in need of a formal design to be submitted for plan approval, we defer to the licensed professionals with CAD software. But if you have your landscape plot identified and are ready to install, we are in the business of making this process simple and easy for you. Put our experts to work to lay out your complete system, and save time and money in the process.

Efficient Designs that Conserve Water

We start by gathering some information from you (see bullet points below) and then go to work to determine the optimal method and product choice for your application. We have up-to-date information on the latest irrigation technology, including smart Wi-Fi and ET-based controllers that can dramatically reduce water use. We can discuss product pricing in our short design consultation and are able to generate a budgetary quote for you if desired. Conservation is one of our core values at The Urban Farmer Store, so creating a water-efficient design is always top of mind.

Help Us Help You


Basic designs can often be prepared while you wait. For best service and answers to all of your detailed questions, schedule a short appointment. (Contact your local Urban Farmer Store to set an appointment.)

Providing some or all of the following information for your irrigation design/layout accelerates the process and leads to better results:

  • Scale Drawing. We love graph paper, but have been known to crank out simple designs on the back of a paper bag. We also like to work on architect copies of the landscape plot plan. In general, the more complicated the landscape, the more exacting the drawing please.
  • Flow Rate and Pressure (psi) at Water Source. Five-gallon buckets can work here or borrow our pressure/flow gauge.
  • Type of Plant Material Exposure. Sun, shade, or a mix?
  • Slopes and Soil Type. We want to keep your water from running off the surface.

For getting started on an irrigation system, please refer to our Irrigation Design Essentials



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