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Lighting Demo Kits

Sell More Jobs by Demonstrating the Impact and Effects of Professional Outdoor Lighting

There is no better way for you and your client to visualize outdoor lighting than to actually see it at work in the landscape. More importantly, an evening demo results in a higher likelihood of making the sale. Sell more fixtures AND make your clients happier by showing the beauty of the finished product in advance of their purchase decision.

Borrow a lighting demo kit for free from any Urban Farmer Store location for a night or two to show the beautiful effects of outdoor lighting firsthand. A lighting demo will lead to informed decisions regarding style, quantity, and placement for your lighting fixtures.

Demo Kit Options

Lighting demo kits are super easy to use. You can request either of these kit options:

  • Standard multi-fixture demo kit
  • Quick-disconnect fixture arrangement
  • Custom kit if you wish to test a special fixture
  • We also offer kits for purchase at reduced cost

To convert your lighting demo to reality, take notes about what you see in the demo, draw a diagram, and consult one of our lighting experts to ensure your lighting project materials list will be complete.

Some Lighting Demo Tips for Professionals


  • Initially focus the demo on an area in the landscape that the client sees frequently and then expand the demo as appropriate from there.
  • Encourage the client to get involved in the demo and capture their feedback (positive and negative) so that your eventual installation hits the mark.
  • Supplement your demo with informative literature to facilitate fixture selection by your client.

Ready to Try a Lighting Demo Kit?

Just contact your friendly Urban Farmer Store associate and we will take care of you!

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